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Improve Your Customer Relationships And Increase Your Turnover With A Brand New CRM

Using CRM software, you can save and access important customer information, such as contact details and sales activities, in a central shared location, available to all in the company to use.

If you’re advancing through sales stages without a clear view of your sales pipeline, you’ll find it difficult to achieve the best results. CRM Systems help keep track of all points of contact, and provide clarity around your leads, opportunities and sales.

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What Is A CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

A CRM is a system or software that helps companies keep track of their sales efforts, customer data, and all interactions across touchpoints like telephone, email, or in person. It also stores other valuable information, such as order history and email opens, and also any additional data that needs to be saved.

Since the late 90s we’ve seen a rise in automated and cloud based CRM Systems, but they have actually been around since the 80s. 

A CRM system should be able to store :

  • Save Companies, Contacts, & Account Information
  • Help manage Tasks,
  • Integrate with Gmail and Outlook for email and calendar sharing 
  • Save and manage Deals,
  • Manage the Sales Process and Pipeline.

As a centralised system, it can be accessed and updated by multiple people or teams, and various parts of the communications process can be automated, improving customer experience.

Indeed, the primary purpose of CRM is to help you manage and improve the relationships and interactions you have with existing and potential customers, and make sales and marketing processes more efficient.

The consistent and rapid growth of CRM in enterprise software categories shows how companies across various industries are recognising the value of adopting CRM Systems.

It may be time to set up your own CRM as well!

What Are The Benefits Of A CRM?

Different teams in your company will have different reasons for needing to access the CRM.

The sales teams may be looking at the previous orders or sales volumes, while your marketing department wants to know how many people opened the last promotional mailer or clicked on one of your ads.

Your teams stay in sync, and use their time to do tasks with high added value. Make it easier to increase sales.

Some data, like contact information or delivery addresses (contact management), may be added manually, while other data is tracked and managed automatically.

The fact that CRMs nowadays are not physically internal systems, but cloud-based, is always a huge advantage : you can access the data you need internationally, anywhere you need whenever you want !

A lot of companies are still using Excel spreadsheets to track their customers’ information and multiply other data. It makes it complicated to follow up or to see the opportunities you could have and so many sales.

The solution is to invest in a CRM system. You will save time, reduce the number of errors and improve your sales cycle.

Using HubSpot CRM

HubsSpot is one of the world’s leading CRM Systems, and one that we highly recommend.

It competes with all the other big CRM on the market (including Salesforce and SugarCRM).

A huge advantage is that it is very user-friendly and offers many videos and courses to train your team. 

There are various levels of HubSpot available, including a completely free version to get started with.

Functional extensions include those with more features and deeper analyses and reports, as well as integration plugins for applications like WordPress, Zapier, and MailChimp

It can be use all along your journey and follow your growth : 61% of over performing leaders report using a CRM.

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Some Of Our CRM Solutions

Conrad-Media will implement a customised CRM Solution for your company.

Manage and convert more clients and customers, save time, track important data, and never forget any of your tasks!

Automate process and integrate with your favorite tools.

Find out how, with Conrad-Media.

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