A Few Words

About Us

The Conrad-Media team is made up of digital experts with over 12 years of experience in marketing & advertising, design, development, and website creation.

Our common goal is to help businesses grow online and to offer the best services and solutions available today.
Process driven & solution oriented, we are an innovative and dynamic digital development & marketing agency.

Serving London 🇬🇧 and Lyon 🇫🇷, we make it a point of pride to constantly learn and adapt to new technologies, and are active in the digital community.


Turnkey Solutions

Our experts are there to help you with any stage of your digital marketing strategy. 

From a simple brochure site, to the development of an e-commerce platform, banner ads and mailers, or the management of your database of prospects: we take care of everything and hold ourselves to high standards.

Our services are always designed and customised to each of our clients, which come from various sectors: from industrial factories to health care centres, financial institutions, and large online retailers.

The goal is to deliver your service or products without you having to spend time thinking about it: we know our clients are busy with their core business. 

Once your requirements have been identified, we put a clear and precise plan in place, that will be executed with your approval.

We take care of your business as if it were our own

At Conrad-Media we think of our customer as a long-term partner. Once we start to work with you, we won’t let you down, and will be at your service for all your future needs and growth.

A dedicated project manager will be made available to you, ensuring accurate and timely updates and management of work to be completed.

We are committed to offering you the best in terms of results, and return on investment, and never compromise on quality.

Your project is only completed with your final approval. Additional changes can be made at any time. At Conrad-Media, we share your success. 

Got questions?  Call us now, or send us a mail, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We'll complete your project on time, and on budget

We have transparent, hours-based pricing for all services across our studio, and can tailor solutions accordingly. You change your mind and don’t need one of the options on your website any more? We update our offer. Same thing if you want to add additional items to your projects!

Our adaptability is one of our key assets at Conrad-Media.

After a meeting with you to perfectly understand your needs, we will send a clear quote and a proposal where every step and decision of the project is detailed and explained. You need to know what you pay for.

No bad surprises or unexpected costs. You can plan the budget for your website or SEO in peace of mind.

We always provide a detailed timeline for delivery of your project, and pride ourselves on timeous delivery.