Website Rebuilds

Brochure Site Or Ecommerce Shop: The Advantages Of Tailor-Made Redesigns

Conrad-Media offers you the opportunity to rework the design of your site, review the technical and functional components according to your objectives, add all the features you may need, and build the website of your dreams!

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How Much Does A Website Rebuild Cost?

The price of redesigning your website depends on the solution chosen:

  • Migration of the site to a different CMS – heavy redesign
  • Design and technical improvement of the current site

What You Get

Website Migration
To WordPress

E-Commerce Migration
To WooCommerce

Some Of The Systems We Support:

Redesigning a website consists of modifying a pre-existing site at several levels: design, content, and structure.
It all depends on your needs and your strategy, but above all on the state of the current site – its strengths and weaknesses – which we determine through a preliminary website audit.

The work to be done, and the rates, depend on all these factors.

At Conrad-Media, we offer several types of redesign:

  • Visual: we are modernizing the design of the site and improving its ergonomics for a more pleasant user experience. For this, we sometimes have to modify the content and the tree structure of the site.
  • Structural: This type of overhaul usually takes longer. As with the visual overhaul, we will rework the design and ergonomics, but we will also work on the technical structure of the site, which often involves changing the CMS (content management system) and adding features missing.

The CMS of your site, as well as the plugins used, must be regularly updated according to current web and security standards, at the risk of making your site vulnerable. Compatibility issues also have a negative effect on navigation and security.

Conrad-Media works primarily with the WordPress CMS for the redesign of client websites. You are the owner of your site, website speed is optimised, the site is structured professionally, it’s suitable for SEO work, and above all can be effectively secured.

Using an automated website builder is a cheaper investment upfront, but not profitable in the long run. Thanks to the specifications, we create a professional site that corresponds entirely to your needs, without you wasting time fighting with third-party software!

Further, website creation platforms that claim to be free often feature the presence of an advertising banner on your pages. You may also need to pay a premium for any additional service, such as linking a domain name or an email address. In this way, basic, free services can start to get expensive.

It is for all these reasons that we recommend you migrate your “homemade” site to a WordPress-type content management system.

Every Year, many reasons push companies  to have their website reworked by a web agency:

  • Unsatisfactory traffic, visibility, and SEO,
  • Obsolete content, both in terms of written content and media (photos, videos),
  • Old-fashioned site design and not user-friendly, the site no longer meets current internet requirements, is not responsive, and navigation is difficult and non-intuitive,
  • Business that evolves and new needs that appear on the market,
  • Security to be improved (main system update and security, plugins),
  • New marketing strategy, visual identity, graphic charter, brand identity,
  • Desire to improve the conversion rate and increase requests for qualified contacts.

You will not have to worry about your backups and the migration of your data, we take care of everything from start to finish.

Your website redesign can be an opportunity to add missing functions, like translation of your website into English, accepting credit card payments, or the addition of an online calendar for making appointments.

Also, do you have the mandatory legal notices necessary for your site? Are the General Terms and Conditions of Sale up to date and adapted to your company?

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or call us now if you have a redesign project.
We can answer all your questions!