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Linkable Assets

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”
Create something worth linking to with code based Animated Infographics & Linkable Assets!

Give your visitors a new way to consume your content, and give external websites something exciting to link to.

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Increased organic search, referral traffic, & brand exposure

To attract links to your website, you must deserve them, and offer content that attracts other websites dedicated to the same things.

Linkable Assets allow exactly this!

Linkable assets are high-quality pieces of content that attract backlinks or social shares because they include elements that people can refer to or feel are worth sharing and linking back to.

In addition they facilitate brand awareness, & monetization

Linkable Assets help build awareness of your brand, and make customers associate your brand with interesting things.

This is the main purpose of SEO.

In order to make your site more appealing and linkable, we have developed Linkable Assets.

These are code-based, interactive, infographics.

Fully responsive and light-weight, these elements (and your URL) can be shared on any platform, far and wide!

To develop Linkable Assets, our team will work on identifying the most linkable topics and types of information that will attract the most people.

What might people be interested in?
What are they searching for online?

We provide results for these searches by way of code-based infographic;

  • These are therefore light-weight and indexable.
  • Offers a unique presentation of a particular subject;
  • Affirms the point an existing article is are trying to make;
  • Something their audience would find interesting, and would likely share of link online.
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