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Web Development & eCommerce

Web Development work can take many differnet forms, and vary in complexity and duration.
You need a skilled partner to guide you through the various challenges of building, launching, and managing a successful online presence.

Our team has over a decades experience in all facets of website design & development. From basic brochure sites, to large scale e-commerce implementations, corporate platforms, & service based solutions featuring complicated worklows, Conrad Media has the solution for you.

See below for more information, or feel free to get in touch!

Brochure Sites

Need a website for your business?

Today more than ever, it is necessary to have a strong digital presence and to allow your customers to find you easily.

A quality website will allow visitors to discover you, and make contact, request a quote or reservation, subscribe to your newsletter, or even participate in your events & promotions.

So if you want to improve your brand image, gain visibility, and build customer loyalty, you’re in the right place!

Our web team has over a decade of experience in the key areas of design, development, and custom coding.

Using only the latest, fastest, and most secure technology, we develop solutions tailored to each of our clients. Our UX/UI design experts will be happy to create the site of your dreams, with an intuitive and attractive design.

Together, we build high-performance, attractive, and above all, totally SEO-optimised websites.

eCommerce Sites

Do you want to open an e-commerce store?
The requirements of a modern quality online store and a strong digital strategy?

  • Maximized turnover and return on investment
  • Powerful visibility, prospects reached, an excellent e-reputation and a loyal community
  • Highlighted products and services

We take care of the creation of your online store from start to finish: conception, design, development and go-live, analytics, traffic acquisition, digital communication, & reporting.

We can also guide you in your strategic decisions regarding means of payment and delivery.

Maintenance & Updates

Keeping your website content up to date is one thing. What about maintenance and updates to your core system?

Our team offers you maintenance and support services at all levels, offering quick solutions, and peace of mind:

  • content updates, images, articles, text, & video
  • regular updates of the core web system, plugins, security updates, and more

Website Rebuilds

Every year, many companies choose to rebuild their websites for multiple reasons:

  • poor traffic and low visibility
  • ineffective digital strategy and poor SEO
  • old-fashioned and unfriendly site design
  • changing business and market needs
  • security to be improved (upgraded and secured core, plugins)

Conrad Media offers you the possibility of reworking the design of your site, reviewing technical and functional components according to your objectives, and adding all the functionalities you may need.

You will not have to worry about backups & migration of data, we take care of everything from start to finish.

You can take further comfort knowing that all our sites are fully responsive, and suitable for all media (computer, tablet, telephone)

Website Speed Optimisation for SEO

Having a website with a modern design is good! A beautiful site that loads quickly is even better! Search engines are getting ever stricter with how they evaluate loading time of websites, and are ranking sites accordingly. A good optimisation of the loading speed of your site will allow you to:

  • achieve better natural referrals and better rankings
  • gain a better conversion rate
  • keep on your site longer, and reduce the bounce rate

Our teams will work on the speed of your site thanks to numerous optimisation levers: hosting, quality and formats of site components; implementation of a cache system, minimisation of redirects, use of CDNs, and more.

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