CRM Systems & Bulk Email

Powerful CRM Systems, Advanced Email Solutions, & Custom Automation

CRM Systems provide robust ways of keeping track of all your client interactions.

As a central location to store all client information, your CRM further benefits from automations and integrations with advanced email solutions.

Wheather you’re managing a sales team or organising an event, our tools allow you to reach a large, targeted audience, or to manage and receive event RSVPs.

Let us help find the ultimate CRM, Email Marketing, or Automation Solution for you, or follow the links to find out more.

CRM Setup &

As a company, you know that the relationship with your customers and prospects is one of your most important.

With our CRM setup, you will keep track of all their information and interactions automatically.

Who are you supposed to call today? Which clients bought our products last month? Alll the answers are in your CRM system.

We can implement your new best tool, and make your sales and marketing work much more efficiently!

Newsletter Design &
Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very strong tool! But you need a strategic approach: the average reader only takes 10sec to read an email from a company!

Conrad-Media will help you with your strategy and the implementation of your email marketing tools, and show you how to get the most out of this communication channel.

Additionally, Electronic Event Invitations, Managed RSVPs, and Automated Guest Lists are another way automated email systems are proving revolutionary.

How many people will attend your event?
What menu will they choose?

We make sure that you have all the answers on time, thanks to our Managed RSVP & Email Solutions.

Custom Integrations
& Workflows

Whether Sales, Marketing, or Management, make sure your team's work is easily and efficiently shared across all processes and systems automatically, as required.

With our CRM integration, they won't lose more time working across multiple systems: your CRM system is connected to the other software and systems your business uses.

Task switching can be time-consuming, and it means that it will cost a lot to your company by the end of the year.

Automation brings exciting advances and new efficiency that can change the way your company does business.

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