SEO Audit

A Detailed SEO Audit Is The Start Of Any Effective SEO Strategy

Analysing your site and its performance in search results helps us understand the current state of your site, and lets us establish a baseline and a strategy for it’s growth.

Our team of SEO experts will complete a detailed SEO audit of your website to help you plot the way forward.

Find out where you are starting from, and get the strategy that allows you to improve your rankings on search engines.

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What Is An SEO Audit?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and is the set of techniques used to obtain high positioning in the various search engines for keywords related to your activity.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. The goal is to improve your website’s position in search engines in a consistent and sustainable way.

The results of SEO work depend on different factors:

  • The age of the site – a brand-new site may take longer to rank than an established site,
  • The reputation and authority of your site – a score, which can be improved in various ways, tracked using dedicated tools,
  • The investment you want to make – more aggressive tactics can help to get your site rank faster.

If you need more clarity on your sites’ performance, or an insight into how to improve, it is always a good time to do an SEO Audit of your website.
Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs with our team of experts.

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Our SEO Professional Audit

The advantage of our SEO agency is that we ensure a long-term relationship of trust in order to ensure results.

Conrad-Media offers you multiple options to improve the Organic SEO of your website:


Brochure Site and
Basic System Audit

starting from
£ 299
per audit
  • Up to 25 pages / products / variants
  • Analysis of GA & GSC
  • Website Structure & Technical SEO
  • On-Page & Off-Page Analysis
  • Products & Categories structure
  • Confirm page speeds and load times
  • Analysis of backlinks

System Audit

starting from
£ 440
per audit
  • Up to 50 pages / products / variants
  • Analysis of GA & GSC
  • Website Structure & Technical SEO
  • On-Page & Off-Page Analysis
  • Products & Categories structure
  • Confirm page speeds and load times
  • Analysis of backlinks

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When Should I Audit My Site?

The SEO audit gives you many insights.

When creating your site:

This will mainly involve auditing and preparing for the structure and content of the website; check that the technical SEO is correct.

During a redesign:

Before any major work and modifications to your website, it is important to know its strategy and the current SEO situation of the site currently online.
It is possible to lose all the work that has already been done at the SEO level if the redesign is not prepared correctly upstream.

When you want to change strategy, or you observe that your site is not being used to its full potential:

Lower positioning, low number of visits or conversions. Your website must be referenced correctly so that it reaches its maximum utility, i.e. generating leads and winning new customers.

You have certainly already wondered: what is the ranking of my site on Google? It is possible to know its google ranking thanks to the adapted tools.

How To Do An SEO Audit?

Doing an SEO audit is a complex process.

We will start with a technical SEO and content audit, where we will see the intrinsic quality of the existing site.

The speed of your site:

  • Check page load times,
  • Verify minified and compressed code.

Content quality:

  • Content and keyword optimization,
  • Heading levels (H1, H2, H3),
  • Presence of duplicate content,
  • Title tags and meta descriptions,
  • Tree structure, sitemaps and page mesh, presence of redirects (301, 302),
  • Image optimisation (name, size, and alt & metadata).

The technical quality of the site:

  • Responsiveness check,
  • Verifying the configuration of the robots.txt file,
  • Structure of URLs, verification of redirections,
  • Errors present: 404s.

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