Technical SEO

We'll Help You Optimise The Essential Technical SEO

A website’s architecture and technical setup are more important than ever in helping users and search engines navigate your site, and find the information they need.

Your site’s structure, the way code and tags are used, spacing, and layout all factor into a user’s experience of your site, and therefore Google’s evaluation thereof.

Let us help you update and improve your website’s Technical SEO.

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What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the set of SEO techniques focusing on the indexing, performance and architecture of a website.


  • Site Loading Times & Page Speed,
  • Image optimisation (name, size, dimensions, and alt & meta tags),
  • Website Accessability & Responsiveness.


  • Ensure site is ‘Crawlable’ and ‘Indexable’ by Google
  • Analysis of pages “crawled” by the Google robot and added to the Search Index,
  • Submission of new or updated pages to Google Search for indexing.

The architecture of the site:

This consists of optimising the organisation of pages and prioritising data so that the information is found quickly, in a useful format.
Web architecture has direct consequences on navigation and consequently on the user experience, and therefore positioning in Search Engine Results Pages.

Some of the elements we analyse and amend:

  • Confirm implementation of SSL Certificates, 
  • Unique content (no duplicate content),
  • Page organisation,
  • Compliant meta description and respected title levels (H1, H2, H3),
  • Tree structure, sitemaps and page mesh, presence of redirections (301, 302),
  • Verifying the configuration of Sitemaps the Robots.txt file
  • Structure of URLs, verification of redirections
  • Errors present: 404s

Technical SEO is essential for any effective SEO strategy!
Conrad-Media will help you control and optimise your site, and develop its full potential on search engines.

Engage Your Audience

Our Technical SEO Offers

Our team will check your website from top to bottom, and verify every detail is implemented and accounted for. 

Make sure your site is ready to be found!


Basic Brochure Site

starting from
£ 475
per site
  • Implement structured heading tags
  • Define page meta titles & descriptions
  • Optimise image names & alt tags
  • Ensure SEO best-practice throughout

E-Commerce Systems

starting from
£ 2 200
per site
  • Implement structured heading tags
  • Product meta titles & descriptions
  • Optimise image names & alt tags
  • Ensure SEO best-practice throughout
  • Breadcrumbs for products & categories
  • Setup & configure product schema

We Work With

Why Work With An Agency?

Website Development, Content Creation, Search Engine Optimisation –  our wide-ranging skills allow the Conrad-Media team to be efficient, responsive and avoid you having to go through multiple service providers.

When tackling technical work, it is generally more efficient to call on specialised professionals who have a detailed knowledge and extensive work experience.

Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving, and specialists will be up-to-date with all changes, helping you avoid any obsolete solutions, which can be a waste of time as well as money.

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