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Ever Wonder How Your Website Measures Up?

Ensure a great user experience and an optimised position on search engine results pages, thanks to a well working website.

With our Website Audit, you can find out if your website is performing at its full potential, and confirm there are no flaws or technical errors that could be affecting the site.

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Why Do An Audit Of Your Website?

Analysing your site can bring many insights and advantages. An audit allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your site, and to study what works or not, both technically and commercially.

The user experience can greatly suffer from any problems encountered on your site. If your site is slow or difficult to navigate, your visitors will quickly visit the sites of your competition, meaning you could lose sales! Additionally, Google will generally not promote sites that do not load quickly, or don’t work on different displays. This affects your ranking in search engine results! An audit can help you find any shortcomings your site may have, and equip you to resolve them.

You may need an audit before the redesign of your site, to help you understand how visitors use your site, and what needs to be improved or implemented. 

Finally, a website audit can be implemented as a maintenance routine to ensure consistent quality service.

Some free audit tools exist, but doing a complete and in-depth audit is a process that requires further knowledge and skills, which is why we recommend that you go through a specialised agency such as ours.

The Different Types Of Audits

Technical Audit

Many key performance indicators are reviewed when studying the health of a website. Through this, we detect anomalies, determine how to solve technical and graphic problems, and to generally improve performance.

Analysing a website allows us to identify technical errors, such as redirect loops, or broken links. If these technical problems present in your website or e-commerce store, it can negatively influence your SEO results.

We also analyse site loading time and page speed. The higher these are, the slower your website will load, which is also penalised by search engines such as Google.

The security audit is also essential. Any breach in your system can be a potential danger for you and your customers. Site hacking, digital vandalism, and theft of personal data are all threats to consider. The security of a site must be ensured 100%, and with GDPR laws in effect, not to be taken lightly.

User Experience Audit

When trying to build and grow your website user base, one of the priorities is to ensure that visitors stay as long as possible and interact as much as possible during their visit. Your site must be fast, attractive, easy to navigate, and present the information your visitors are looking for.

Here are several factors we analyse:

  • Use of “call to action” (such as the “call”, “request a quote” buttons) at strategic places on the website,
  • Restructuring of pages and content,
  • Content check: is it up-to-date, the layout effective?
  • Ditto for the design and the visuals (favicon, logo, colours that correspond to the visual identity of the company),
  • Verification of the responsiveness of your website, i.e. suitable for all media (smartphone, tablet, laptop).

SEO Audit

The SEO audit of your site is one of the key elements of the success of your website in Search Engine Results Pages.
While there is much overlap, you will find all the information concerning this audit on our dedicated SEO audit page.

Optimising your site as soon as possible is the best solution to save money in the long term and ensure the proper functioning of your website.

Thanks to an in-depth audit, our agency will be able to provide you with all the answers and suitable solutions to grow and scale your business online!

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Our Offers

Conrad-Media offers 360° audits of your site: optimisation, loading speed, site structure, and content. We work with the industry-leading tools and technologies in order to provide the most accurate and detailed results possible.

With this completed audit, you will be able to address any issues affecting the performance and usability of your site.

This Audit Verifies

Brochure Site Audit

starting from
£ 300
per site
  • Shopify or Prestacart
  • Up to 25 pages / posts
  • SEO Optimised Structure

E-Commerce Site Audit

starting from
£ 450
per site
  • Shopify or Prestacart
  • Up to 50 products / variants
  • SEO Optimised Structure

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