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Collectif Pro


Collectif Pro is a group of entrepreneurs, artisans, and business people who come together regularly to share insights into various industries

The collective aims to provide a platform for meaningful discussion and learning among members, whilst further providing an additional platform for these to market themselves.

The Problem

Due to Collectif Pro’s rapid growth and bootstrap approach, the group needed a site with which to cement their credibility, while also providing a channel of communication for members and potential future members.

Furthermore, the eventual need to develop a more robust member’s directory was clear from the start, necessitating an approach that could deliver the basic solution immediately, while allowing further development and customisation to be added over time.

The Solution

Conrad-Media used a powerful, open-source solution, WordPress, rapidly deploying a basic brochure website, with basic information and contact details.

As requirements have grown, more pages have been added and functionality built out.

Recent developments include a fully searchable and tag-able member’s directory, complete with custom taxonomy and post type, allowing easy administration of members, while providing each member with an individual profile page.

The Result

The Collectif Pro website is a powerful digital property that effectively communicates with its members, and can easily be expanded and evolved as required.

Additionally, the website receives regular maintenance updates and backups, with additional design updates completed as required.

"Many thanks for your work! This website is clearly what we wanted and we look forward to working together on future web projects."

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