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Kinokoko Craft


Kinokoko Craft is a boutique arts & crafts supplier specialising in bespoke hand-made gifts and mementos.

In order to meet a growing demand, and reach a broader audience, an e-commerce solution needed to be developed.

The Problem

As many items and custom created and often made to order, it was important to show the diversity, originality, and attention to detail of the products on the site.

Furthermore, due to the nature of the business, and the need for quick updates and fast turnarounds on orders, it was necessary for the owner/operator of the business to be able to manage all elements of the shop.

The Solution

Conrad-Media developed a custom implementation of WordPress & WordPress to facilitate easy content and product updates.

Further integrations with payment systems and delivery automation tools means pricing totals are always accurately calculated regardless of delivery method, and payments are automatically made into the client’s account before shipping.

The Result

The shop successfully allowed the owner to create, sell, and distribute their hand-made crafts throughout France and the world.

This was achieved with a reasonable investment in the shop, and further automated business & delivery processes, and allowed the user to easily expand their client base.

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